Bespoke Web Design

How The Bespoke Service Works

Stage 1 - Consultation

At Houghton Web Design I believe that your input is paramount to the success of your website. Initial consultation will be carried out and a design will be planned. We can dicuss fonts, colors and animations to find the correct branding for you.

Intial consultation choosing colors

Stage 2 - Draft

From the initial consultation I will create a mockup of the website, this is then sent back to you for sign off. Any revisions that you identify will be carried out before the next stage is started.

Website being coded

Stage 3 - Creation

The website will then be coded, all functions required will be created and tested. I'll work closely with the mock up and our initial consultation to include all the features that you need to engage clients.

Website being coded

Stage 4 - Final Draft

The fully coded and functional website is sent to you for approval and sign off, any revisions to design or functionality will then be carried out, ready for the website to go live. At this stage you can test all features and responsiveness to ensure it meets your spec.

QA test and final draft to be sent

Stage 5 - Live

Once I have sign off from you, the website will be QA tested to make sure the website functions correctly, everytime. The next step is putting the website live, this is carried out by your chosen method, which we can discuss what the best solution is for you.

Final draft of the website