Affordable Web Design

Houghton Web Design is able to cater to any business from small to large and offers a wide range of services that is sure to meet your requirements.

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With extensive knowledge within the web industry I am able to offer various technologies, rather than a one size fits all approach. I will talk you through the process and explain why one tech stack may be better than another.

  • Jamstack The Jamstack is possibly one of the best forward steps for the web industry. It allows us to deploy sites that are lightweight and fast. Out competing older models on both User Experience and Server load.
  • Web Design. Beautiful fluid designs made to flow as a whole package and keep users' attention. Made to your spec and crafted with passion.
  • Mobile-First. All websites without expectation are made with a Mobile-First approach and will look just as good on Desktop as they do on Mobile devices.

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What stacks do I use?

Primarily I use Next.js which is a React based framework, the main positives of this open-source framework is its ability to create lightweight, fast and accessible websites that are not only SEO friendly but a User Experience dream. Just test how quickly this site loads between pages, there is almost zero load time.

Getting Started

Why choose me?

The most important question, I have a track record of providing high-quality web design products to my clients, if you are looking for affordable websites that work for you, you have found the right place.

With a focus on your satisfaction, I handle all communication personally, ensuring clarity and eliminating any chance of misinformation
Full Control
Your satisfaction matters! Prior to launching any website, you will have the opportunity to review and approve all elements.
Affordable Web Design
Say goodbye to unnecessary fees! As a freelancer, I prioritise maximising the value of every penny you invest in your website.
Progress Tracking
I'll keep you informed throughout the entire process of your website's development. You'll never be left wondering about the progress.

Stay Informed

What happens next?

As a Freelance Web Designer I know that simplicity during the design process is key for the client. That is why I use a simple four step plan to create the perfect site whilst in close liaison with you throughout the process.

Initial Step

Initial consultation

I will set up a meeting with you to discuss the plans for the site and we can decide on the elements and functions needed.

Second Step

First draft

The design of the website is created and sent back to you for approval. Changes and amendments to the site can be agreed.

Third Step

Final draft

The final draft will be sent to you for approval and any last amendments can be made.

Final Step

Launch of your website

Once the final draft is agreed, the site will be QA tested and put live. I will take care of all of the technical side and google submission.

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